Unica Coatings produces the best single component moisture coatings


How can Unica Coatings products help you to reduce your project time and cost to a minimum?

1. Saved time = saved money
Around the world it is a fact that weather conditions, human factor and lack of surface tolerant coatings is
the main reasons why a project is delayed and money is lost. In the 80’s chemists succeeded to develop the moist- er cure system Unica coatings distributes today with the tolerance exceeding and out performance other coatings and that eliminates most of the weather con- dition issues making us the only maker that can apply our coatings around the globe day or night not being stopped by restrictions. Our MC products can be applied in humidity from 6-99% and in temperatures as low as -10° C to +50° C without any problems.

2. Quality with less restriction
Our coating system has less restriction, guaranties faster and easier application and will preform longer in
relations to environmental factors where other systems struggles with Pre-mature failiure.

3. Thin film system
Unica Coatings product program reduce the DFT by
60 % and will meet or exceed the performance of the typical systems used on the market today and reduce your VOC emissions. Even if it is a thin film system the adhesion & surface tolerance is far better than traditional systems.
The system is also having higher surface tolerance mak- ing the surface preparation easier and faster,
Saving time, Material & Equipment used in every project.

4. Performance
Testing and years of field performance have shown that our products outperforms the best performing and most frequent used systems since the 60’s as:
Inorganic zinc, chalking, Blistering, and erosion primers, Coal tar epoxy, lead based paints etc.


Flexible film system that does not crack

A 100% pure polyurethane resin is flexible and can’t be compared with the traditional 2 component systems on the market as they only contain 20-30% pure PU.

To achieve this a compound is used that the sports world and car industry is using to keep car interior and sport shoes to remain flexible for years to come and to withstand heat in the best way possible.

Objects coated with our MC system years ago in ex- treme environments shows no visible signs of cracking after years of exposure to the environment.
Unica coatings outstanding abrasion strength has been proven on RoRo vessel’s where decks on vessels owned by major companies in the shipping business proving to outperform solid epoxy systems that have been used for years.

By 200 microns of coating the system have proves to withstand CQ box handling where every CQ box have
a weight that is up to 90 metric tones and rolls on steel wheels resulting in extreme impact of the coating. After years in the field the system still proves to be the best.