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Unica Coatings single component coatings:
2 Component Coatings:
Can be applied at 6% to 99% humidity.
STOP painting at 87% RH.
No dew point restrictions when surface is visibly dry. Dry of wet surface with a cloth is sufficient.
STOP painting when steel temp. is >3°C above dew point.
Recommend for immersion in 30min.
STOP painting when rain is expected.
Short cure times, even at -7 ºC.
Long cure times, especially at low temperatures.
Fastest over-coating as low as 20 minutes.
Typically much longer cure times.
No induction time.
Typically 20 minutes.
Surface tolerant zinc primers (ISO Sa 2).
Zinc primers require Sa 2.5 longer blasting.
Uni-Micazinc MC tolerates flash rusting.
Zinc primer does not tolerate flash rusting re-blasting is often required.
Uni-Micazinc MC is re-coatable by itself.
Complex and time consuming repair methods for inorganic zinc primers.
No inspection required for humidity, temperature, dew point, etc.
Time consuming extra inspections.
Excellent adhesion to minimal surface profile.
Extra roughening of old coating is more often required.
Adheres to green concrete (≥14 days for cure).
At least 24 days of cure and must be dry.
Less chance of pre-mature failure.
Good chance of pre-mature failure.