20000 DWT Oil Tanker

Project information
Location UAE
Project Main deck
Date 2013 and ongoing

Systems and substrates
Pre-treatment Shifting from St 1 to St 2
3 coat system
-Uni-Micazinc MC 75 µm T/U
-Uni-Micazinc MC 75 µm T/U
-Uni-Finish MC 75 µm Full coat

The project to protect the 3000 m2 large main deck section.

The daily temperatures is as high as +50 deg C at day time making it impossible to use normal 2 component paint due to its ultra-short pot life in this heat.

Unica Coatings where chosen for the project due to its ability to be applied in high moisture areas and very high UV resistance.

The job is performed by the vessels crew without help from any contractors.