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Customer needs
A tough single component coating system easy to use with corrosion protection.

The problem
On board of Heerema Marine Contractors’ largest deep-water constructing vessel THIALF (one of the world’s largest crane vessels) the crane runways has to be renewed. This entailed quite some coating work, which was a very difficult mid-winter assignment with conditions ranging from rain and wind to freezing conditions and even snow. Under the above prevailing weather conditions grit blasting was not an option – so far the surface preparation for this project, mechanical cleaning (by means of needle hammers and sanding disks)

The solution
After having completed surface preparation adequately in accordance with the above, the treated areas were coated to full satisfaction with a Unica System.

1. Primer Uni-Micazinc MC Grey DFT 75 µm
2. Intermediate Uni-Micaprotector MC DFT 75 µm
3. Topcoat Uni-Micafinish MC DFT 75 µm

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